In Memoriam: Eri "Thunder Kick" Irianto

April 5, 2001

Without our realizing it, it has been a year since the death of our friend/teammate/idol Eri Irianto. Eri - famously known for his thunder kick - was one of the most promising midfielders at the time of his unfortunate death, not only for his club but also for his beloved country.

The Persebaya Surabaya's midfielder passed away at 1:45 AM on April2, 2000 in Dr. Sutomo Hospital in Surabaya, East Java after heart failure. Eri was taken to the hospital during halftime of Persebaya's league match against PSIM Yogyakarta because he said that he was having trouble breathing. He had some treatment at the hospital but there was nothing the doctors could do to save his life.

The irreplaceable Eri Irianto left a wife, Riska, whom he had just married for two weeks. Until this day, his picture and jersey when he was still playing at 10 November 1945 Stadium still adorn the entrance way to the players' hall, the Eri Irianto Hall.

His number 19 jersey will not be worn by any other player in the team as an honor to the great young man. Hopefully, his dedication, his loyalty, and everything that he's done for club and country will set examples for the young players.

from Persebaya Official Website

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