Three Clubs Fined After Failing To Stop Chaos

The disciplinary commission of the Football Association of Indonesia (FAI) fined three clubs on Tuesday (1/23) which failed to stop chaos during their first round matches of the Bank Mandiri Indonesian National Football League.

Andi Darussalam Tabussala, the commission's chief, told reporters that Persebaya of Surabaya, PSS Sleman of Yogyakarta and Persita of Tangerang regency were each fined 5 million rupiahs.

"Persebaya and PSS Sleman failed to stop their spectators from throwing fireworks onto the field and lighting firecrackers during matches which subsequently disturbed the players, while Persita failed to stop spectators from pouring onto the field. As a result, we have fined each of the clubs 5 million Rp," he said.

Darussalam said monetary fines were introduced in this year's league to replace the old rule which obliged the punished team to relocate their matches to a new venue recommended by the commission.

"Many team managers criticized the old rule during the manager's meeting early this month saying that relocating matches was no longer an attractive proposition. So we've agreed to change the punishment with a fine."

He also said the commission has recommended FAI chairman Agum Gumelar to forbid supporters lighting firecrackers during matches at 28 host clubs.

"We have set an example with the fate of the two host teams which failed to control their spectators. Hopefully, this kind of disturbance won't happen again in other matches."

East Java's Arema Malang team manager Iwan Budianto was hit by a firecracker that fell directly in front of him when he was watching his team play host Persebaya in Gelora 10 Nopember stadium. Darussalam said Iwan had submitted a letter to the commission, admitting that the incident was not on purpose despite tight security and a majority of well-mannered spectators.

"However, burning firecrackers and throwing them onto the field is forbidden," he said.

PSS Sleman failed to stop an unidentified boy who threw firecrackers onto the field when it played Pelita Solo of Central Java in its opening match on Jan. 14.

On a separate occasion Persita failed to stop spectators from breaking onto the field when hosting PSMS Medan, North Sumatra, last Thursday.

The commission also banned two referees and one linesman from supervising the remaining matches in the league. Darussalam named them as Suharto and linesman M. Syafei who oversaw the match between Persita and PSMS last Thursday and Teguh Sutrisno who supervised the match between Persita and PSP on Sunday.

Darussalam said that the commission also warned two foreign players, Chilean Rodrigo Arraya from Jakarta FC (formerly Persijatim of East Jakarta) and Ebanda Timothe of Cameron from Persija for misconduct. Both players were involved in physical clashes in the opening match at Lebak Bulus Stadium, South Jakarta, and were awarded yellow cards.

Slamet Riyadi and Aulia Siregar of PSMS Medan were given a two-time probation in three matches and were fined Rp 500,000 each after striking Anthony Jonnah Ballah of Persita. Ballah was awarded a red card and was fined Rp 750,000.

from: The Jakarta Post